Saturday, June 16, 2012

Triple-wall Shipping Kits Provide Automotive Component Manufacturer Export Solution

A manufacturer of automotive components is challenged to ship parts safely and economically to Europe.  Automotive customer requires:
* Safe overseas transit of delicate parts
* No corrosion on parts
* Packaging to accommodate special ergonomic requirements for loading and unloading
* Minimal space for packaging
   at work center
   in storage
* Minimal expense
   maximize part density per box
   maximize boxes per sea container

Ox Box designs a triple-wall shipping kit with a partition system and anti-corrosive materials to contain and protect the sensitive automotive components from the harsh environment of overseas shipping.  The shipping kits are constructed of durable materials to provide outstanding product protection.  The addition of VCI anti-corrosive materials prevents the parts from corrosion.  The shipping kits are delivered self-contained to keep packaging storage area to a minimum.  The partitioning system is designed to maximize the number of parts per box and the shipping kit is designed to maximize the number of loaded boxes per sea container.

* Product arrives undamaged to European automotive customer.
* Parts remain free from corrosion.
* Shipping kits accommodate special ergonomic loading and unloading requirements.
* Self-contained design minimizes space requirements for packaging at the work centers and in storage.
* Maximizing parts per box minimizes packaging expense.
* Maximizing boxes per sea container minimizes shipping expense.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Export Packaging Update

Storing Wood Packaging Materials Outside
There  have been  many questions lately regarding whether treated WPM can be stored outside. There are currently no regulations in place restricting where treated WPM can be stored. However exposing WPM to the elements can create post treatment issues that are undesirable to customers. It is recommended that:  
  • The treated WPM be kept off the ground.
  • The surrounding area be treated by pest control professionals.
  • The ALSC regulation for keeping untreated products seperate from treated WPM be strictly enforced.
This will help to keep your ISPM 15 conforming WPM safe from undesirable pests.
Source: Timber Products Inspection, Inc.