Monday, May 5, 2014

Eco-Shield Weatherproof Triple-wall Crate Boxes Save Rail Equipment Manufacturer Money

A manufacturer of rail car components purchases wood boxes to ship products that are often stored outdoors. The wood crates are heavy and expensive.

Ox Box designs and manufactures economical Eco-Shield triple-wall crate boxes. The Eco-Shield crates are weatherproof, extremely strong and light weight. New technology that incorporates plastic from recycled bottles enables the corrugated materials to withstand exposure to the elements. The Eco-Shield boxes have enabled the elimination of the expensive and heavy wood crates. In addition, the Eco-Shield crates are recyclable with other corrugated materials.

Eco-Shield Benefits:
* Eco-Shield crate boxes save money - fraction of the cost of wood crates.
* Durable and weatherproof.
* Lightweight for easier handling and reduced shipping costs.
* Recyclable with other corrugated materials.

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