Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Export Packaging Tips from the Pros

Tip #1 - Adding pieces of wood to an ISPM 15 compliant pallet and/or crate:
Some companies purchase ISPM 15 marked wood packaging materials. (pallets, crates, etc.) to be used in the shipping of its product.  In some cases the product is loaded onto the ISPM 15 marked WPM and secured by adding additional pieces of wood to the original ISPM 15 WPM product.  How can this scenario be handled under ISPM 15?
Present Practice:  The added pieces of wood used to secure the product can be labeled using ISPM 15 markings by the companies adding pieces to previous labeled ISPM 15 WPM product. Labeling in this fashion makes these companies responsible for the added pieces of wood and the original WPM manufacturer respon-sible for the original ISPM 15 marked WPM.

Tip #2 - Using ISPM 15 compliant packaging from several sources:
Facility C purchases an ISPM 15 marked box top from facility A and the ISPM 15 marked box bottom is  purchased from facility B.  Facility C then constructs the sides and assembles the box.  How can this scenario be handled under ISPM 15?
Present Practice:  Facility C can construct the sides and label the individual sides ISPM 15 then assemble the sides using facility A and facility B parts into an ISPM 15 compliant box. In this case the ISPM 15 marks of Facilities A and B remain on the finished WPM product.

Tip #3 - Marking ISPM 15 packaging that is covered with materials that are not solid wood materials: 
In some cases the WPM consist of an inner support skeleton of wood that is covered by cardboard,
plywood or some similar material that is not solid wood.  In these scenarios no solid wood can be
seen on the outside of the WPM.  How can the WPM product be marked under ISPM 15?
Present Practice:  In such cases the ISPM 15 mark can be applied to the outside of the WPM product.  In addition the ISPM 15 mark should be applied to the skeleton wood component(s) for evidence of compliance to ISPM 15 should the WPM ever be disassembled and inspected by the import country.

Tip #4 - Using larger timbers or skids:
Some large WPM requires the use of large timbers or skids. These large size pieces are apparently
difficult to obtain with HT markings but may be available with fumigation markings that indicate
ISPM 15 compliance.  Can these fumigated pieces be incorporated into WPM that is to be labeled ISPM
15 HT complaint? 
Present Practice:  Provided each piece that has been fumigated is clearly marked as ISPM 15 compliant by an agency recognized under the APHIS fumigation program the fumigated piece(s) may be incorporated into an ISPM 15 HT labeled WPM product.

Note:  Given a multitude of variations under the above scenarios, the marking of ISPM 15 WPM may require further investigation, both initially and ongoing to assure proper marking of ISPM 15 WPM.

Source content: Timber Products Inspection Company

Monday, April 11, 2011

Triple-wall Boxes for Shipping & Storing Heavy Products

Most companies find that moving very heavy goods can be a problem. It is all too easy to break an expensive appliance if it is not packed properly or handled with care. Triple walled boxes are extra heavy duty boxes that are specially designed for moving and transporting large pieces of equipment and extra heavy goods. If you sell and deliver kitchen appliances or other large goods then you will find triple walled boxes are invaluable.

No matter how often people have to move, pack or deliver kitchen appliances and other heavy goods, they seem to have accidents. Some accidents could be avoided providing goods and appliances are packed in the right kind of large cardboard boxes. Not all packaging suppliers will stock triple walled boxes that are designed for the storing and moving of heavy goods. If however you want to make sure that your products are stored safely and will not come to harm if they are exported or transported to other parts of the country, you need the right kind of heavy duty boxes.

The best kind of heavy duty boxes and triple walled boxes are made from high performance grade, corrugated kraft cardboard, which is designed to hold heavy and bulky items and appliances. In triple walled boxes there are three layers of fluting that is, in turn sandwiched between four liners. This kind of construction provides a rigid and crush proof heavy duty box for your large appliances and heavy items. You can rest assured that your exported goods will arrive safely in another country when they are properly packed inside triple walled boxes.

Large cardboard boxes and small cardboard boxes can be seriously strong when they have a triple wall and can be multi stacked safely on pallets when they are being loaded as into containers as cargo., When goods are packed in this way it is easy to achieve maximum fill so that goods tend to stay where they are put rather than move about during the shipping and delivery process. Triple walled boxes and heavy duty boxes are often used and transported by some of the largest companies around because they provide adequate protection for heavy goods that are being exported abroad.

Many triple walled boxes and heavy duty boxes are made from a simple one piece design that makes them easy to assemble and to seal once they are loaded with goods. Find an online packaging company that can supply you with cardboard boxes, triple wall boxes and small cardboard boxes for all your transport and delivery requirements.