Thursday, October 16, 2014

Weatherproof Corrugated Crate Boxes Save Parts Distributor Time and Money

An international distributor of heavy equipment parts makes wood crates for shipping extra long parts.  The wood crates are expensive and time consuming to build.

Ox Box designs and manufactures economical Eco-Shield corrugated crate boxes.  The Eco-Shield crates are weatherproof, extremely strong, and easy to assemble.  New technology that incorporates plastic from recycled water bottles enables the corrugated material to withstand exposure to the elements.  Designed for quick assembly, the Eco-Shield crate boxes enable the distributor to pack and ship efficiently.  In addition, the Eco-Shield crates are recyclable.      

* Eco-Shield crate boxes save money.  Fraction of the cost of expensive wood crates.
* Eco-Shield crate boxes reduce packing time and increase output.
* Lightweight to reduce shipping costs.
* Eco-Shield is recyclable with other corrugated materials.

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Eco-Shield Weatherproof Crate Boxes