Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ox Box Reusable Bulk Bins Save Retailer Space and Money

National retailer is challenged to stage shipments at distribution facilities efficiently and maximize space in trailers to transport products to retail locations.  Past methods required products to be picked for delivery and placed on wooden pallets.  Palletized loads could not be stacked resulting in a large loss of warehouse space and trailers shipping at a fraction of capacity.  

Ox Box reusable shipping and storage bins allow products to be picked and placed directly into the bins.  Distribution facility space to stage product for delivery is reduced by 66% due to the fact that the bins are designed to be safely stacked three high when loaded with products.  The ability to stack the loaded bins reduces trailer space and shipping expense by over 50%.  The bin sidewalls knock down flat and the pallet/covers nest to minimize space to transport and store bins when not in use.  The bins are made from durable plastic materials for years of service.

* 66% reduction in required distribution product staging area.
* 50% reduction in trailer space and shipping expense.
* Knock down flat for shipping and storage.
* Durable construction for long term use.

Bins knock down flat for shipping and storage.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Triple-wall Corrugated Large Moving Crate Boxes

Moving and storage companies looking for an economical alternative to expensive wooden lift van crates.

Ox Box designs a large triple-wall corrugated crate box with an export compliant pallet that is a fraction of the cost of a wooden lift van crate.  The corrugated crate box and pallet are constructed of durable materials to withstand the punishment of large product moving and storage.  The corrugated moving and storage kit is easy to assemble and comes complete with a pallet, sidepanels, top and bottom and a removable large door panel for easy product loading and unloading.

* Reduced cost of standard wooden lift van crates.
* Lighter weight to reduce shipping costs.
* Components unitized flat to save space when not in use.
* Easy to assemble.
* Corrugated components are 100% recyclable.   

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Corrugated Crate Boxes Safely Ship Custom Closet Panels

A manufacturer of custom closet building products is plagued by shipping damages to closet panels causing increased costs and project delays.

Ox Box designs a triple-wall crate box to contain and protect the closet components.  The shipping kits are constructed of durable materials to provide outstanding product protection.  The shipping kits are delivered self-contained to keep packaging storage area to a minimum.

* Eliminated costly shipping damages to product.
* Improved timeliness of product delivery and project completion.
* Self-contained design including the pallet enables quick set up and packing.
* Enabled finished product stacking reducing storage space.
* Self-contained design minimized required packaging storage.
* Triple-wall corrugated shipping kit is 100% recyclable.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Triple-wall Motorcycle Crate Boxes

A manufacturer of performance motorcycles looking for an efficient method of packaging high end sport bikes struggles with the high cost of wood crating. 

Ox Box designs a crate pallet that enables the product to be safely loaded and secured to the surface.  A triple-wall corrugated crate box is made to fit securely on the crate pallet.  The crate box is capable of safely stacking the motorcycles in storage as well as in transit. 

* Reduced cost of expensive wood crating.
* Time savings to package product.
* Safe product storage and transportation.
* Triple-wall corrugated crate box 100% recyclable.